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E-commerce Business of Supplements

This Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions document highlights how Pro Life Blend (‘our’, ‘us’, ‘we’) protects, collects, and processes the personal information of users (‘you’, ‘your’) who access the website of Pro Life Blend, purchase products, and make transactions by using the e-commerce services of the website. The privacy and security of your personal data is our utmost priority and we always comply with the applicable laws of data protection at the national level and at the level of different U.S. states. By using our website and e-commerce services, you provide your consent to the practices and procedures mentioned in the clauses below:

1.      Data Collection

1.1.   User Specific Information

1.1.1.      Profile Information

We may collect personal information from the individual users to create their customer profiles and enable a smooth business transaction. The personal information also helps us in sending targeted and customized information to the users regarding our products and services. The collected data may include your first name, last name, billing address, shipping address, contact details, and payment method information.

1.1.2.      Website Use Data

For the best website experience, you should accept cookies from our website. Upon your first visit to the website, you will be asked to accept all cookies and you should reply affirmative. Through cookies, we collect and store information through your browsing experience so that your user experience to the website could be personalized based on the trend analysis. The website usage data also helps us in tracking the effectiveness of our marketing strategies.

2.      Use of Collected Data

The personal information of the customers is used for the purpose of executing the orders. Our support agents also use this information for providing an adequate customer support. Our agents may also send you promotional offers and product updates based on this information. We also generate different trends and patterns based on the customer profiles to enrich the overall user experience. Website usage information is only used for providing targeted content based on customer preferences and evaluating the effectiveness of our digital marketing strategies.

3.      Data Sharing and Third-Party Services

3.1.   Third Party Sharing

The personal information is never shared with third party service providers for marketing purposes. However, the payment processing is channeled through a third party. Moreover, the shipment of the product is made by the third party. Therefore, we might have to share a limited portion of your personal information to the trusted third-party providers to facilitate payment processing and shipping. We have made contractual agreements with these service providers that they will protect your information and they have been prohibited for using it for the purposes other than the contractual agreement.

3.2.   Legal Requirements

Your personal information may be disclosed to the government authorities if such information is requested through a court order, or the government regulations of the state require us to disclose such information. We make such disclosures only when the provision of information is necessary for protecting our intellectual property, goodwill, and safety.

4.      Data Security

As the information is entered by the customers in an online environment, we have implemented various security measures to prevent data breach, cyber theft, data alteration, unauthorized access, and data deletion. However, we also acknowledge that the electronic data transmission can never be 100% secure and the security of the data is only up to the maximum extent possible.

5.      Intellectual Property

Our brand name is ‘Pro Life Blend’. We have a supplement business and we have created a range of supplements that are aimed at providing you optimal health with all natural products. You are not allowed to use our logo or brand name for marketing and promoting your own products. Moreover, you cannot supply your own products by using Pro Life Blend bottles. We take our brand reputation seriously and you might be penalized in the case of not respecting our intellectual property and rights.

6.      International Transfers

As we are into an international business, and the data may also be stored in cloud computing platforms, your personal information may be transferred and processed outside your country of origin. By using our website interface and e-commerce interface, you consent to the cross-border transfer and storage of your personal information, where the countries of data storage might have data protection laws different from your country of origin.

7.      Children’s Privacy

Our target audience is mid-aged people with mild health problems and pets. We do not collect personal information for the individuals below the age of 14. Moreover, if we learn about any user account that it has been created by a child under the age of 14, we immediately delete that account.

8.      Your Rights

You have various self-service rights as a registered user to our website. You can access all the product catalogues and compare the features of various related products. You can edit, update, and delete your personal data at any time on our website. If you have any queries or concerns regarding our privacy policy, you can also contact our support agent by using the contact information mentioned at the end of the document.

9.      Disclaimer

Our products have not been evaluated by the FDA. We do not claim to cure any disease. No product of Pro Life Blend is evaluated by any global governing body. Our team comprises of experienced and professional staff and we have our internal controls and systems for quality assurance and product compliance.

10.  Changes to the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions

The management of the website reserves the right to modify the privacy policy periodically to meet the growing demands of the regulators and the general public. Any changes to the privacy policy will be effective as soon as they are posted and updated on our website. As a responsible user, you should review our policies periodically for any changes and modifications.

11.  Contact Us

If you have any comments, queries, or concerns about our privacy practices, protocols, and policies, please contact us using the contact information below:

Email: privacy@prolifeblend.com

Mailing Address: 2500 Dallas Hwy Suite 202 #5205 Marietta, GA 30064-7505.